Duck Call Barrel Blanks

Custom Poured Duck Call Blanks

Material: All blanks are custom poured using Alumilite resin. Alumilite is much more durable than poly ester resin. If the Alumilite blank is dropped on a hard floor it will not shatter. Alumilite is very machinable friendly both on a wood lathe or CNC lathe.

Size: 1.5" minimum diameter X 2.950" Minimum length.

Color: Each blank is custom poured so the color scheme will be the same but may not exactly match the photo. The photos are just an example of the color look.

Process: Each pour is processed in a pressure pot to compress any bubbles. Most blanks are bubble free but a pin hole size bubble is always possible, most times it will not create an issues to work through. If for some reason you find excessive bubbles or voids please contact me @ 503-332-7830.

Drilling: When drilling the hole through the blank it is recommended to use some sort of lubrication for best results.

Sanding: Wet sanding is recommended to keep the material cool. Sand up to 600 grit and finish with micro-mesh and a plastic polish.

Questions: If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. I am always willing to share the techniques I use. 503-332-7830.