Elk Call

Hand Crafted Custom Elk Calls.

Photos of Elk Calls are just an example of the look. Product is made to order so your item will be the same color scheme but may not exactly match the photo. Each Elk Call Barrel is custom poured by myself using Clear Alumilite with added color, Wood, or Alumilite/wood hybrid. This process creates a three dimensional look in the color. Each custom blank is hand turned on a lathe, sanded up to 15000 micro mesh, and polished to a high gloss.

Field proven open reed tone boards are a poly molded tone board with a mylar reed


Calls come in either a Cow or young Cow/Calf style reed.

   * Cow Call Reed is a wider reed with a lower tone.

   * Young Cow/Calf Reed is a narrower reed with a higher tone.

Each Elk Call has been hand tuned and tested prior to shipment.