About Us

Wally Anderson Jr. founded JR Talker Custom calls in 2005.
I started out tagging along with my dad hunting at the age of about 3. Since that time I've been an avid waterfowl hunter along with other types of hunting for the past 40 yrs. My career has led me down a path of manufacturing. I am a machinist by trade, and for the last 18 years I have held a Quality Mgr. position. Currently I manage a quality team at the leading aircraft company in the world.
In 2005 I decided to bring both my worlds together. With my experience in waterfowl hunting and calling and my machining background it was a no-brainer. With my machining, Quality, and waterfowl calling experience my mission was simple. A Duck call made by a waterfowl hunter for the waterfowl hunter.
Growing up I started calling ducks with an old OLT’s Duck call. If any of you remember, that was a tough call to blow and as a kid you knew you were going to have to put some time in to figure it out. With that memory in mind the call had to be something anyone with a little guidance could effectively blow and bring ducks to their decoys. I set out to prefect a custom call I felt sounded more like a duck then the calls I was getting off the shelf at the local sporting goods store and was easy to blow. So much so, I had to learn to back off the custom call myself when blowing. For the last hand full of years I’ve been making JR Talker Custom Calls for friends, family and the local waterfowl community.
All my Custom Calls are hand made with manual equipment (No computerized machines CNC). I do not want to sell a mass produced, assembly line, every call the same call. Each JR Talker Custom Call barrel is hand formed without a template and each tone board is roughed out, hand formed and tuned to perfection. You won’t find molded poly inserts in these calls. All Custom Calls are made out of 100% acrylic material.