Bottle Stoppers

Beautiful Handcrafted Custom Acrylic Bottle Stoppers

Each piece of acrylic is custom poured by myself using Clear Alumilite or Polly ester resin with added color. This process creates a three dimensional look in the color. Each custom blank is hand turned on a lathe, sanded up to 15000 micro mesh, and polished to a high gloss. The custom turned & polished acrylic is mounted to a full/mini size tear drop stanless steel stopper or a replica 50 caliber cartridge shell in Gold Titanium and a rose gold titanium tip style stopper. Each Bottle Stopper comes in a black microfiber bag. 
Photos of products are just an example of the look. Product is made to order so your item will be the same color scheme but may not exactly match the photo. You can order the bottle stopper identified or contact me at 503-332-7830 to order something a little different than what you see. Custom requested colors are no extra charge. The lead time may be up to 3 week for shipment due to the cure time for the acrylic blanks. You can also contact me by email at