JR Talker Custom Calls

Pacific Northwest Waterfowl Hunting.

If you duck hunt on public land like us, you understand how important it is to have a good call that can perform in any situation. You already work hard enough fighting crowds to be successful, so why not eliminate the competition with the most realistic and durable duck call out there? If you want to shoot more ducks you have to talk like a duck. I promise you won’t find a better custom call and you won’t ever need to find another one. If you want to get them close this season talk‘em in with a acrylic JR Talker Custom Duck Calls. JR Talker Custom Duck Calls are manufactured with 100% acrylic. Each Custom Duck Call is handcrafted and hand tuned. Each tone board is roughed out, hand formed and tuned to perfection. You won’t find molded poly inserts in these calls. All Custom Calls are made out of 100% acrylic material.

Custom Elk Calls